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These rules apply to all users (without exception).

§ 1: No insults, disputations or defamations in public areas (Forum, Chat, Gallery, Shoutbox etc.).
§ 2: No troublemakers
§ 3: No threat of violence
§ 4: No illegal or punishable things
§ 5: No underage members
§ 6: No advertising for commercial pay sites
§ 7: No begging for money
§ 8: No advertising for similar websites (except yahoo or niteflirt)
§ 9: No advertising for non-members of this website
§ 10: No spamming (too many postings within a short time)
§ 11: No spamming with private messages
§ 12: No annoyance, harassment or stalking to other users
§ 13: No photo uploads without the permission of the owner (Copyright law)
§ 14: Public photos with other users in embarrassing or defamatory poses are strictly forbidden! Use closed user groups for this.
§ 15: No passwords, telephone numbers or mailing addresses in public areas
§ 16: Only 1 account for every user. Multiple accounts will be closed
§ 17: Threats against the Admin will be sanctioned immediately

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